Is perfectionism holding you back?

first_imgAre you the type of freelancer that prizes order and perfection above all else?Setting high standards for yourself can be a good thing. Chances are you are putting significant pressure on yourself to succeed. You might be working relentlessly, setting stratospherically high goals, or pursuing perfection to prove that you can cut it.But perfectionism taken to the extreme can hinder creativity, breed psychological distress and depression, and prevent you from achieving goals for fear of failure. It can can be seriously destructive: a recent paper in Review of General Psychology argues that it can lead to crippling anxiety or depression, and may even be an overlooked risk factor for suicide.If you feel driven to do excellent work, great! But flagellating yourself for not living up to sky-high ideals is not the best way to go. If you feel that your pursuit of perfection is holding you back or causing you undue stress and unhappiness, here are some helpful tips to cope:1. Set manageable goalsSetting unrealistically high goals can be problematic. Not meeting your own unreasonable expectations could cause you to beat yourself up…and we don’t want that! Instead of setting one majorly ambitious goal, break it up into incremental, manageable actions you can take to reach your objective. Whether you tackle these tasks daily, weekly, or monthly, this approach can help you feel more in control, and appease your inner taskmaster!2. Let some things goCreativity and innovation require risk-taking, relinquishing control, and being comfortable with the unknown — traits that you might not find in a rigid perfectionist. If you are a writer or artist, you may find that seeking perfection can be a major hindrance. If you are brutally critical of your own work, and compare yourself to others, you could shut down your own creative process, or be tempted to give up altogether!3. Redefine your definition of failureFear of making a mistake, or being a “failure” creates an inhospitable environment for creativity or growth. Some psychologists suggest that anxiety over making mistakes may ultimately hold perfectionists back from ever achieving success. Instead of having a rigid definition of failure, view mistakes as information that you can learn from. Concentrate on what you learned, and what you might do differently in the future. You might even try to experiment by taking a risk, or doing something new where the margin for error or “failure” is high, and learning to be ok with it!4. Don’t compare yourselfYes, it is hard to do. Especially when your friends and colleagues broadcast their successes or life milestones on social media! However, other people aren’t you, and it can be extremely counterproductive and pointless to measure your achievements or shortcomings against everyone else. Instead, focus on what you want to do, and how you are going to make that happen. (see #1!)5. Reach out to othersIf you are feeling overwhelmed by your own exacting standards, reach out to friends, family, or other freelancers in the same boat. Don’t keep secrets about your perceived mistakes or failures – talk to others for help, mentorship or just to vent.6. Stay open to feedbackPerfectionism often leads people to hide their mistakes instead of receiving crucial feedback. According to an article by Hara Estroff Marano in Psychology Today, the practice of concealing mistakes causes people to avoid situations in which they are mistake-prone. Sometimes it is easier for perfectionists to quit an endeavor instead of receiving criticism that could ultimately help them improve. So instead of taking a match to your manuscript after your editor made some tweaks, try and learn from others’ feedback!7. Challenge that negative inner voiceA negative, nagging internal monologue is none too useful or pleasant, but can be very persuasive. Listening too closely to this bogus inner voice can shut down your creativity, and even influence you to give up altogether. Instead, try to challenge this insidious voice! Replace self-criticisms with more positive, rational statements about yourself and your abilities. Check out this helpful Psychology Today article for more extensive tips.Are you a perfectionist? Has this helped you or harmed you in your personal and freelance life?last_img read more

Bobby Petrino Jokes That Louisville Should Have Scored “80” On Florida State Because Of The Playoff

first_imgBobby Petrino calls an inexplicable timeout vs. Florida State.YouTubeLouisville head coach Bobby Petrino dropped an interesting quote after his team’s win over Boston College.Louisville had no trouble with Boston College on Saturday afternoon, as the Cardinals obliterated the Eagles 52-7. But unless Clemson finds a way to lose two ACC games before the end of the season, Louisville won’t get a chance to play for an ACC title. So the Cardinals, who are ranked No. 7 in the College Football Playoff standings, would likely need mayhem to sneak into the field.After the game, head coach Bobby Petrino was asked about his team’s playoff standings, and gave an interesting response. H essentially joked that his team should have run up the score on Florida State back in mid-September. They won that game 63-20 as it was.Louisville’s Bobby Petrino: “Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I should’ve left our starters out there against Florida State and scored 80.”— Mark Schlabach (@Mark_Schlabach) November 5, 2016Petrino “I hate it because of sportsmanship. I guess I made a mistake. I guess I should have kept the starters in against FSU and scored 80″— Jody Demling (@jdemling) November 5, 2016In reality, there is no score against Florida State that would really change Louisville’s standing. The Cardinals’ loss to Clemson is the main problem with its College Football Playoff candidacy. Still, it’s an interesting take. Florida State fans won’t like hearing it.last_img read more

Ribbon Cut for Newly Twinned Section of Highway 125

first_imgMotorists in Nova Scotia are benefitting from a newly twinned section of Highway 125 from Balls Creek to Coxheath. Deputy Premier Frank Corbett, on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks, and Senator Michael MacDonald, on behalf of Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Chuck Strahl, marked the completion of the five-kilometre section of highway today, Feb. 11, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It opened to traffic in December. “The opening of this section completed a twinned link on Highway 125 from Coxheath to Trans Canada 105,” said Mr. Corbett. “As part of the department’s recently released five-year plan, this project, and others like, it are already creating jobs and growing the economy.” “This project is another example of how the government of Canada, in partnership with Nova Scotia, is taking action to invest in the province’s infrastructure,” said Senator MacDonald. “This newly twinned highway will ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods along this important highway system.” As well as twinning Highway 125 from Balls Creek to west of Coxheath, the project also included building two lanes south of the highway. The total cost of twinning was $14.1 million, with the federal contribution of $3.5 million coming from the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund. The twinned highway expands road capacity, which enhances safety, improves traffic conditions and contributes to the support of trade, tourism and economic development in the province. Work has begun on twinning the remainder of Highway 125, from Coxheath to Grand Lake Road.last_img read more

Iranian cooperation and transparency crucial UN nuclear watchdog chief says

“If the Agency were able to provide credible assurance about the peaceful nature of Iran’s past and currently nuclear programme, this would go a long way towards building confidence, and could create the conditions for a comprehensive and durable solution,” IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei said at a General Assembly plenary meeting in New York.”Such a solution would assure the international community about the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme, while enabling Iran to make full use of nuclear technology for economic and social development.”He noted that Iran’s agreement — following repeated requests by the Security Council and the IAEA’ Board of Governors — on a work plan to get to the bottom of all unresolved verification issues is “an important step in the right direction.”Iran’s nuclear programme has been a matter of international concern since the discovery in 2003 that it had concealed its nuclear activities for 18 years in breach of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).Last December, the Security Council adopted a resolution banning trade with Iran in all items, materials, equipment, goods and technology which could contribute to the country’s enrichment-related, reprocessing or heavy water-related activities, or to the development of nuclear weapon delivery systems. It tightened the measures in March, banning arms sales and expanding the freeze on assets.”Contrary to the decisions of the Security Council, calling on Iran to take certain confidence building measures, Iran has not suspended its enrichment related activities, and is continuing with its construction of the heavy water reactor at Arak,” Mr. ElBaradei said today. “This is regrettable.”The Director General also told the Assembly that in the face of a renewed interest in nuclear power worldwide, the role of the IAEA is “not so much to predict the future as to do its utmost to plan and prepare for it.”The resurgence of interest in nuclear power is driven by the steady rise in demand for energy, increased concerns regarding energy security and the challenges posed by climate change, he said.At present, there are 439 operating nuclear power reactors in 30 countries which supply some 15 per cent of the world’s electricity and the use of nuclear power has been primarily in industrialized countries.”But in terms of new construction, the pattern is different: half of the 30 reactors now being built are in developing countries,” he pointed out. 29 October 2007″Active cooperation and transparency” on Iran’s part are key in resolving outstanding issues over the country’s nuclear ambitions, the head of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told the General Assembly today. read more

Hundreds of Iraqi refugees return home from Iran UN reports

The new arrivals bring to more than 2,600 the number of Iraqis who have gone back from Iran since last November, Kris Janowski told the press in Geneva.After entering the southern Iraqi city of Basra, the refugees receive plastic tarpaulins, blankets, jerry cans, lanterns, hygienic items and tents if needed, as well as a small stipend to cover transport costs back to their communities. They are also enrolled in the country’s food distribution network.In a sign of the region’s changing conditions, the refugee agency last weekend closed what was once Iran’s largest camp, Ashrafi Esfahani, home to more than 12,000 refugees. “UNHCR expects other Iraqi camps to close in coming weeks, such as Beheshti, which now only shelters 28 refugees,” Mr. Janowski said.Although the agency is not encouraging any refugees to return to Iraq because of prevailing security problems and the fragile humanitarian situation, the Tehran Government estimates that more than 50,000 may have spontaneously gone back from Iran in recent months. read more

UK automotive production figures July 2010

17OctFuture Mobility Challenge# SMMT Events Register 69.0% YTD 2010 # SMMT Events -3.9% 74,100 % change 53,402 9,494 SMMT Ltd Commercial Vehicles 734,805 This is a secure area and requires you to be . Total 69.6% Jul-10 27.3% 5.9% % of total 78,175 Jul-10 527,903 Cars -3.4% 2OctIntroduction to SMMT seminar# SMMT Events 41.7% 42.9% © SMMT 2019 | Registered in England & Wales: 74359 | VAT number: GB238893808 41.9% -7.5% Jul-10 29.0%DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 71,654 808,844 Member Services SMMT represents the UK automotive industry through the membership of companies involved in design, concept, manufacture, sale, after sale, disposal and recycling of motor vehicles, components and accessories. 51,594 10.7% 71.0% 24.1% 1,056,598 43.2% 28.4% 29.8% 13.0% Funding & Support -8.7% 30.1% SMMT NewsEmissionsEuropeEventsRegistrationsUK Manufacturing Events NewsAl Murray announced as after-dinner speaker for the 103rd SMMT Annual Dinner30 September 2019Supply chain opportunities from vehicle electrification top bill at SMMT Open Forum3 June 201940 years of automotive innovation revealed at landmark industry Test Day23 May 2019Read More Sign up to the SMMT Newsletter 83.7% I already have an account -10.2% 71.8% -11.7% Close Total Engines 130,844 Vehicle DataCar RegistrationsLCV RegistrationsHGV RegistrationsBus & Coach RegistrationsEVS & AFVS RegistrationsManufacturing DataMotorparc Vehicles in UseUsed Car Sales DataExport ReportsNew Car & Van ForecastsProduction ReportsProduction OutlookVehicle Safety Recall ServiceNewsRegistrationsUK ManufacturingEmissionsEuropeEvent NewsMember ServicesAutomotive LogisticsSMMT Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF)Brexit Readiness ProgrammeCertification and trainingFunding and SupportInternational ServicesSMMT PublicationsTechnical CircularsEventsSMMT Future Mobility ChallengeAnnual DinnerIntroduction to SMMT seminarRegional EventsSMMT International EventsAutomechanika BirminghamOpen ForumMeet the BuyerSMMT AQMS ConferenceInternational Automotive Summit 2019SMMT Connected 2019Commercial Vehicle ShowWebinarsSponsorship and Exhibiting OpportunitiesReports2019 UK Automotive Sustainability ReportUK Automotive Trade ReportLCVs: Delivering for the UK EconomyCAVs: The Global Race to MarketSMMT Motor Industry Facts 2019New Car CO2 Report 2019Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles GuideUK Specialist Car Manufacturers ReportThe UK Automotive AftermarketThe Ultra Low Emission Vehicle GuideAutomotive Council ReportsUK Automotive policy prioritiesReports ArchiveIndustry TopicsBrexitDigital ManufacturingEconomyEmissionsEnvironmentSafety & SecuritySustainabilityTechnology & InnovationUK AutomotiveAboutContact UsJoinMembers Login 85.4% 30.4% 26,491 Membership Services Source: 229,420 29,403 I do not have an account Home YTD 2010 69.5% 397,472 YTD 2010 2,900 International Services SMMT NewsRegistrationsUK ManufacturingEmissionsEuropeEvent NewsTNB NewsVehicle DataCar RegistrationsLCV RegistrationsHGV RegistrationsBus & Coach RegistrationsEVS & AFVS RegistrationsManufacturing DataMotorparc Vehicles in UseExport ReportsNew Car and Van ForecastsProduction ReportsUsed Car Sales DataProduction OutlookMember ServicesAutomotive LogisticsSMMT Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF)Certification and trainingFunding and SupportInternational ServicesSMMT PublicationsTechnical Circulars Industry TopicsBrexitDigital ManufacturingEconomyEmissionsEnvironmentSafety & SecuritySustainabilityTechnology & InnovationUK AutomotiveSMMT EventsSMMT EventsSMMT Future Mobility ChallengeSMMT Annual DinnerIntroduction to SMMT seminarSMMT Automotive Quality Management Systems (AQMS) ConferenceSMMT Connected 2019Commercial Vehicle ShowAutomechanika BirminghamInternational Automotive SummitMeet the BuyerOpen ForumWebinarsSponsorship and Exhibiting OpportunitiesSMMT ReportsUK Automotive Sustainability 2019UK Automotive Trade ReportLCVs: Delivering for the UK EconomyCAVs: The Global Race to MarketSMMT Motor Industry Facts 2019New Car CO2 2019Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles GuideThinking of buying a new car?UK Specialist Car Manufacturers 2017Digital ManufacturingCAVs: Revolutionising Mobility in SocietyConnected and Autonomous VehiclesThe UK Automotive AftermarketThe Ultra Low Emission Vehicle GuideAutomotive Council ReportsUK Automotive priorities for a new ParliamentReports Archive JoinMember BenefitsApply to JoinAbout usAbout SMMTConsumer InformationSMMT StructureSMMT CommitteesSMMT HistorySMMT VacanciesContact UsContact DetailsFind UsMedia TeamGeneral InfoTerms & Conditions of UseCookies NoticePrivacy PolicyAcronymsLinksEnvironmental PolicyCorporate InformationHow To Pass Your MOTMember, Associate and Affiliate LogosSMMT Garage Finder 72.7% 72.7% 6,594 YTD 2010 22,526 28.2% 26Nov SMMT Annual Dinner Read more 0.5% 34.3% Total Vehicles -8.9% 1,454,070 28.7% Jul-10 98,145 Read more SMMT Events SMMT runs a series of exhibitions, shows, seminars and missions abroad. Our events calendar highlights the latest SMMT events, SMMT supported events and lists any other industry event. -4.9% 30.5% Log in 107,578 73.0% – Sort by – Title (A-Z) Title (Z-A) Date (Newest first) Date (Oldest first) Filter News Twitter: smmtInnovate in Britain: UK government & auto industry have jointly invested more than US$640m (£500m) in CAV R&D and t… 10:18:17 AM January 10, 2019 % change 71.6% % change ×Close Members Lounge % of total 27.0% Export 206,902 184,246 – Category – SMMT News  (4,266)    Emissions  (73)    Europe  (32)    Event News  (27)    Registrations  (873)       Bus & Coach  (122)       Cars  (238)       Electric & Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles  (95)       HGVs  (219)       LCVs  (23)       Pre-Registration  (165)    UK Manufacturing  (464) 579,424 read more

Kilkenny v Limerick Talking Points Does Cody know his best 15 Cats

first_img1. Does Brian Cody know his best Kilkenny team yet?It’s an interesting statistic that Cody used 24 different players in their two Leinster championship games with Galway – the same amount he used in the entire of last year’s six-game campaign. In all, Cody has looked at 27 different players so far in this year’s Championship which is just four games old. He has clearly given himself more options and used the successful national league campaign to assess new talent. But can he say for certain what his best 15 is? Perhaps he can. Or maybe he is just operating a horses for courses policy.2. Do Limerick rely too heavily on Shane DowlingDowling came on as a sub in last year’s semi-final, taking over the free-taking duties from an ineffective Declan Hannon. A year on, there is no danger of Dowling not getting his place. In fact, they have come to rely immensely on him. The Na Piarsaigh man shot 2-9 against Tipperary, 0-12 against Cork and 2-8 in the huge win over Wexford. That’s 4-29 in three games when the next highest scorer hasn’t reached double digits. Limerick could do with another couple of heavy scorers, even if they are spreading the points around the team. Earlier this week, former Kilkenny defender Noel Hickey agreed that Limerick lean on Dowling. But he maintained it is not a big problem.3. The battle for Hurler of the YearThe Championship has some way to run but Richie Hogan and TJ Reid are the leading contenders for Hurler of the Year. Hogan has reinvented himself as a dynamic midfielder while Reid’s form in attack has been simply stunning. He has helped himself to 3-35 in four games, 3-32 more than he scored all last summer when his lack of spark summed up the team’s insipid campaign. He has always been ultra talented but lacked consistency, something he has definitely added to his game. Another big display from either player would put them in pole position for an award few would have tipped after 2013. Treaty star: Shane Dowling. Source: James Crombie/INPHO4. Have Limerick got over last year’s loss to Clare?A year on, we’re still no closer to fathoming exactly what came over Limerick in last year’s semi-final. They badly lacked the same urgency that had lifted them to a Munster breakthrough and were swept aside too easily by Clare. They have taken two pretty big scalps in this year’s Championship but the Munster final defeat raised the question again about their ability to deliver in the most testing circumstances. It doesn’t get much bigger than Kilkenny in an All-Ireland semi-final so they have the chance to silence every last critic with a win. If they do then people will finally stop looking for answers about the Clare loss.5. Can Kilkenny still kill off games with gluts of goals?They might have knocked five goals past Offaly and six over two games against Galway but when it came to picking up silverware, Kilkenny relied on heavy point scoring. They beat Dublin 0-24 to 1-9 in the Leinster final. It was just the second time in 13 Leinster finals under Brian Cody that they didn’t raise a green flag. It may indicate that their ability to kill off teams with one, two and three-goal bursts is gone. It was Limerick who famously leaked 2-3 to the Cats in the opening minutes of the 2007 All-Ireland final. Tipperary leaked the same tally in the closing stages of the 2009 decider. But those Kilkenny forward lines contained a fully firing Henry Shefflin, Eddie Brennan and Martin Comerford.O’Gara praised for ‘composure’ during incident that lead to Leinster final biting claimsRace For Liam: The 4 teams bidding for All-Ireland hurling glorylast_img read more

New Zealand option may provide resolution to standoff between Harris and GPs

first_img Image: By Daragh Brophy Saturday 16 Jun 2018, 9:45 AM Share233 Tweet Email3 16,034 Views ‘New Zealand option’ may provide resolution to stand-off between Harris and GPs Doctors in NZ who conscientiously object to abortion must inform patients that services are available elsewhere. People spoke & want women to be cared for. Conscientious objection -yes. No referral or info -no.What does the NZ legislation say? The current legal situation around conscientious objection and referral in New Zealand states that doctors, without necessarily giving a specific name, must inform the patient that the service can be provided from another healthcare provider.A High Court case in 2010 upheld the right of New Zealand doctors to opt out of giving advice to patients seeking an abortion and found guidelines went too far in requiring doctors to provide information about abortions themselves and refer women to another doctor.Speaking to reporters on Thursday Simon Harris appeared to leave the door open to pursuing a similar approach here.“I think there’s an over-interpretation of the word referral,” Harris said.“Let’s get back to what this is about, a woman in crisis sitting in front of a doctor saying ‘please will you help me’ and it’s the doctor saying ‘for a reason of conscience I can’t help you’.“The doctor will not show the Irish woman the door. The doctor will say you can go to this place or do you know about this place.“You generally don’t need referrals in primary care but you do need someone to provide you with the information as to where to go and for me that’s what we’re talking about when we mean referral – the idea that no woman is [told] ‘sorry nothing I can do for you here off you go’.That’s not what the people voted for. The people of Ireland voted to make sure the women could be cared for in their own country and I think providing a woman with information as to where she can go would probably meet the satisfaction of referral but we’ll tease through these issues over the next while. 30 Comments Jun 16th 2018, 9:46 AM Source: NZ Parliamentary Counsel Office Dr Maitiu O Tuathail, President of the NAGP, had argued in an op-ed for this week that “being pro-choice is one thing, but providing an abortion service is another”.The New Zealand approach, he said, provided a workable solution which respects the views of all.“We are a broad church and must respect the beliefs and viewpoints of all of society, whether we agree with them or not.I would prefer my father to be seen by a surgeon who wanted to operate on him, rather than one who was forced to do so. I would want the same for my sister, should she wish to access abortion services in Ireland.The provision of abortion in Ireland requires new medical guidelines to be put in place. Current negotiations do not involve GP unions like the NAGP – but Harris said this week that good progress was being made in talks with the colleges of GPs and obstetricians.Separately, doctors have been forming groups in Dublin, Cork and other areas to discuss how the rollout of services could be provided to all those seeking to avail of them once the legislation is passed.Over 50 GPs and obstetricians are already involved in the Cork organisation.Legislation The government had initially announced, in the wake of last month’s referendum result, that legislation to govern abortion would be brought to the Oireachtas before the summer break – but three court challenges to the result mean that will be delayed until the autumn.Harris said he didn’t envisage a delay in the actual introduction of abortion services and that he expected them to be in place from the start of next year.The challenges to the referendum result are due to be heard in the High Court on 26 June. NEW ZEALAND’S APPROACH to the issue of how to allow for GPs who conscientiously object to providing abortion services may provide the basis for how such services are provided here.The National Association of General Practitioners and Health Minister Simon Harris have appeared at loggerheads over the past week after the doctors’ group said that onward referral of a patient should not be compulsory.A motion insisting on a conscientious objection provision was also passed at a meeting of the NAGP, which represents around 2,000 doctors, last weekend.Senior figures from the organisation have been out in recent days insisting that referral is a no-go and recommending that the government examine the situation in New Zealand.Harris was swift to respond to an interview by the NAGP’s chair Dr Andrew Jordan, where he set out their proposals for an “opt-in” provision, tweeting that “the idea of a woman in crisis sitting in front of her doctor & her doctor refusing to refer flies in face of care & compassion & is not reflective of doctors I know”. Image: Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

ISS le système de refroidissement est enfin réparé

first_imgISS : le système de refroidissement est enfin réparé Espace – Lundi 16 août, deux astronautes de la station spatiale internationale (ISS) ont réussi à réparer la pompe défectueuse qui perturbait la climatisation de la station et obligeait celle-ci à fonctionner au ralenti depuis plus de deux semaines.   Mission accomplie pour Doug Wheelock et Tracy Caldwell Dyson, deux des six occupants de l’ISS, qui ont effectué lundi une troisième sortie dans l’espace et installé une nouvelle pompe à ammoniaque -cœur du système de refroidissement, de la taille d’une baignoire– avant de rétablir conduites et connexions. Les premiers tests sont positifs, mais d’autres doivent encore suivre. À lire aussiAmazonie, Russie et imprimante 3D, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 23 aoûtUne première sortie n’avait pu permettre de démonter l’ancienne pompe, obligeant les deux astronautes à tenter un nouvel essai –réussi, cette fois- mercredi dernier. Depuis la panne survenue le 31 juillet, les deux spécialistes auront passé près de 23 heures dans l’espace. Une quatrième sortie sera nécessaire pour déplacer la pompe endommagée vers un endroit plus adéquat.L’ISS devrait, en attendant, déjà pouvoir reprendre ses travaux scientifiques. Ceux-ci avaient été interrompus pour éviter une surchauffe des équipements, depuis cette panne de climatisation ayant entraîné une perte de 50% de la capacité de refroidissement. Le 17 août 2010 à 13:09 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

SFR extension gratuite de la mémoire de la Neufbox Evolution

first_imgSFR : extension gratuite de la mémoire de la Neufbox EvolutionIl est désormais possible d’augmenter gratuitement la capacité de stockage de la Neufbox Evolution. Les enregistrements vont ainsi pouvoir être un peu plus confortables.Offrant jusqu’ici une capacité de stockage limitée à 40 GB, le disque dur de la neufbox Evolution vient enfin d’être débridé, de façon gratuite. Auparavant, l’abonné avait le choix d’augmenter son espace disque de 40 à 120 ou de passer directement à 200 GB, en payant 15 euros le premier passage, ou 30 euros pour profiter de la capacité complète, au titre de la redevance pour la copie privée.Pour effectuer ce changement de capacité, l’abonné doit en faire la demande à SFR, à partir de l’onglet “SFR Mon Compte” ou alors en s’adressant au service clients directement.A titre de comparaison, la Freebox Revolution propose 250 GB d’espace disque pour le stockage de données personnelles.Le 13 avril 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Torino eyeing Zaza swoop

first_imgSimone Zaza is close to making a return to Italy with Serie A side Torino set to complete the deal for the Italian forwardZaza, 27, joined Valencia from Juventus in January 2017 for a total €18m but is set to leave the Spanish side following the signing of Michy Batshuayi from Chelsea.He has scored 19 goals in 59 competitive games for the La Liga team, but his future has been up in the air for months.Today, Valencia officially signed Belgium international Batshuayi on loan from Chelsea, meaning Zaza is no longer required.Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0.Torino have long been linked with former Juventus and West Ham United forward Zaza, so can make a late bid before the transfer window closes in a week’s time.The move to Torino may signal the exit of Italian striker Andrea Belotti who is currently targeted by Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli.Torino recently suffered a 3-1 defeat to Liverpool in a pre-season friendly with the consolation goal coming from Belotti.last_img read more

Proposed RestructuringRedistribution of Responsibilities at BPL Could Result in Savings of More

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 2, 2017 – Nassau – A proposed organizational restructuring of The Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Company and a redistribution of responsibilities could lead to savings in excess of $3 million while also resulting in the advancement of seven Bahamians to key senior positions within the company.   Mr. Anthony Newbold, Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, said the proposed restructuring is also expected to “effect the required changes within the Corporation.”The announcement comes on the heels of a presentation made by the newly appointed Board of Directors of The Bahamas Power and Light Company to Cabinet on the status of the company and the Board’s plans for the utility company going forward.   Board Chairperson, Ms. Darnelle Osbourne; Deputy Chairman, Mr. Patrick Rollins and Board Members Mr. Whitney Heastie, Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar, Mr. Ferron Bethel and Ms. Nicola Thompson were in attendance.   (Mr. Heastie has been appointed C.E.O. Ms. Christina Alston is the C.O.O)Board members spoke to various aspects of BPL’s proposed Business Plan. The proposed new organizational structure will to be administered by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).   Directors will be appointed under the COO portfolio and will be responsible for Generation Services, Transmission and Distribution, Family Island Operations, Technical Planning/Renewables and Procurement/Supply Chain.“An additional five Directors with responsibility for Customer Service, Security/Investigations, Human Resources and Internal Communications, Health, Safety and Environment, and Information Technology, would report to the Chief Financial Officer.   Some of those posts will be advertised,” Mr. Newbold said Tuesday (October 31, 2017) during his weekly Press Briefing held at the Office of the Prime Minister, Cecil Wallace Whitfield Centre.“The redistribution of responsibilities would replace three expatriate employees with seven Bahamian employees at savings of $3.3 million. International benchmarks were followed in formulating that structure,” Press Secretary Newbold added.Mr. Newbold said the Board of Directors of BPL have been meeting up to twice weekly for the past three months in developing a new plan for BPL and “had given much time and consideration in formulating plans to improve the management of the company.”“The new Board was resolute and committed to managing the Corporation as a business and the plan proposed by the new BPL Board would restructure the organization to effectively manage the Corporation’s finances and assets.“Towards that end, BPL Board Members anticipate that the plans to effect required changes within the Corporation would be implemented in the shortest possible time,” Mr. Newbold added.Press Secretary Newbold said the Members of the Board also addressed short and long-term transmission and generation requirements.“One of the goals of the BPL Board was to implement an automated meter system. However, many of the meters were antiquated.   The Plan was to commence and advanced meter reading system. The Board is also dealing with outstanding financial concerns.”Mr. Newbold reported that the BPL Board will investigate the environmental issues at the Clifton Power Plant to determine the magnitude of the problem before deciding how it would be addressed and at what cost.“The BPL Board also recommended to the Cabinet, the need to amend the Electricity Act, the Rate Reduction Act and the Articles of Association document which became necessary as a result of new developments within BPL.   An updated Business Plan is expected to be completed by October 31, 2017,” Press Secretary Newbold added.Press Release: BIS Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Disney renews Star Wars Resistance animated series for season 2

first_img More Star Wars The voice cast includes Christopher Sean as Kazuda Xiono; Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora; Scott Lawrence as Jarek Yeager; Myrna Velasco as Torra Doza; Josh Brener as Neeku Vozo; Donald Faison as Hype Fazon; Jim Rash as Flix; Bobby Moynihan as Orka, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron and Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma.Star Wars Resistance returns on Jan. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD. We’ll continue our full-episode recaps then.   Culture: Your hub for everything from film and television to music, comics, toys and sports.Star Wars at 40: Join us in celebrating the many ways the Force-filled sci-fi saga has impacted our lives. 0 17 Photos See Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon sets over nearly 20 years Get ready for more action-packed stories when Star Wars Resistance starts up again on Jan. 13 on Disney Channel.  Lucasfilm More Star Wars adventures are on the way as Disney has ordered a second season of the animated series Star Wars Resistance for a fall 2019 premiere.The Star Wars series, created by Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), follows young pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono, who’s recruited by the Resistance for a top secret mission to spy on the First Order. Season one continues Jan. 13 on the Disney Channel. The show took a midseason break in December, but Lucasfilm kept the spark of rebellion lit with a series of 12 shorts.The mid-season-one trailer for Star Wars Resistance, posted Wednesday, gives fans a glimpse at a major villain from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.   Share your voice TV and Movies Tags Mark Hamill: Star Wars Death Star attackers didn’t wear pants See 20,000 Jedi and 3,000 Tyrannosaurus rex fight to the death Carrie Fisher fans marks 2nd anniversary of her passing Star Wars: The Mandalorian — plot, cast, possible spoilers Post a comment Disney Star Warslast_img read more

Emperor goose hunt will bring temporary jobs to 6 YK Delta villages

first_imgEmperor goose in Gibson Cove.(Lisa Hupp / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)The subsistence emperor goose hunt expected to open April 2 will bring more than meat and a resumed tradition to the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. In some communities, it will also bring jobs.Listen nowFor April and May, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will hire a worker in each of six communities to collect data on the goose harvest: Chefornak, Chevak, Hooper Bay, Newtok, Nightmute and Toksook Bay.“Basically, they are available for when hunters come back from the field to talk to the hunters and record the number of emperor geese harvested [and] the age, sex, and weight of the birds harvested,” Bryan Daniels said. He’s a biologist with the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge who’ll help train the workers.Hunters can chose whether or not to participate. Because emperor geese have not been harvested in Alaska for 30 years, wildlife managers want to track which geese hunters are targeting when the hunt opens.“So are more adults that may be nesting being harvested, or are more juveniles that may not be at nesting age being harvested?” Daniels asked.The managers also want to weigh the birds to know the state of their health after their migration to the area.“That gives us an idea of winter habitat quality [and] whether or not they’re able to get all the nutrients they need from their winter habitat before migrating for nesting,” Daniels explained.60 to 80 percent of the emperor goose population breeds in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. They arrive from Southwest Alaska in early April and begin nesting by early June.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will also host community meetings in the six villages to promote conservative hunting of the still vulnerable bird population.And like every summer, the Service is also offering opportunities for young people to work with biologists through paid internships and fieldwork positions.The open subsistence hunt is expected to run April 2 through August 31 with a 30 day nesting closure.last_img read more

Music is the second lung of theatre

first_imgIn a theatre production, the actors on stage are in the limelight but little attention is paid to several other vital elements that go into the making of a successful play. Music is one such component and a versatile French theatre musician and singer-songwriter maintains that “music is the second lung of theatre”. Jean Jacques Lemtre, 66, is a conductor of his own scores. Since 1979, he has composed and performed the musical scores of all shows and movies of the Parisian Theatre du Soleil avant garde troupe. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfNow, he has been nominated for Best Innovative Sound Design for a non-verbal play titled “Karuppu” at the 13th edition of the Mahindra Excellence In Theater Awards (META) later this month.”First of all I must say that I prefer to speak about theatre music rather than say ‘Sound Design’, which seems to me to be inappropriate for my work, because at the Théâtre du Soleil, when a play lasts six hours, there is almost six hours of music and for me music is the second lung of theatre – it gives the destiny, the gods, the emotions and feelings of the characters, the places, and can even replace the decor,” said Lemtre. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveHe recalled that his interest in theatre and music came from his research on what to do at the end of his studies when he was barely 20 years old.”After working in several styles of music – Jazz, free-jazz, Baroque music, Old music (Middle Ages), contemporary music – I chose to work in theatre after my meeting with the great director Ariane Mnouchkine (one of the founders of the Theatre du Soleil) and after composing the music of the show ‘Mephisto’, I decided to continue in this way because at that time, in 1978, there were only few people (doing so),” he said. Four decades on and his latest tryst with theatre music comes in the play “Karuppu”. It is about the “Kala Teeka” or the black spot that is put on a newborn to ward off evil. The play revolves around the fact that Karuppu is black but not evil.”The darkness in us is tamed by age-old cultural rituals which absorbs all negativity like a black hole, from which rebirth of everything afresh is possible. ‘Karuppu’ is the world without a creator; it is the vision of a world born simply from the union between Prakriti (the feminine) and the Purusha (the masculine),” elaborated Koumarane Valavane, the director of the play, who has also been nominated for Best Director and Best Light Design at this year’s META.But what makes music so central to a theater production and, more importantly, what is it that Lemtre is attempting to give expression to through his sound design in “Karuppu”?”The music expresses all that the actor does not play, all that the text does not say – and all that is a plus for the comprehension by the public,” he said.Overall, is he happy with the outcome?”Yes, I am (and without pretence) satisfied… because it is a first work with an Indian play played by Indian actresses and actors and, except of course all that we could improve, I am proud of the result,” Lemtre said.The one-hour non-verbal play, which has been nominated in six categories at META, will be performed at Shri Ram Centre, New D on Saturday, April 14.Over 330 entries were received this year at Mahindra Excellence In Theatre Awards, which were viewed by an eminent selection committee, comprising well-known theatre practitioners. This year’s final 10 nominations feature plays in Assamese, Bengali, English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Manipuri – as well as a non-verbal movement theatre production.last_img read more

Navy begins work fighting state sargasso

first_imgPersonnel of the Navy of Mexico began with the cleaning of sargassum along the coasts of Quintana Roo supported by a logistics supply ship, a research vessel, a helicopter and the placement of containment barriers. Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Ships from the Navy of Mexico have already begun work on containing the state’s at-sea sargasso. Photo: La Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México The logistics vessel has been anchored at Isla Mujeres but will move to other ports during the sargasso support mission. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) With the arrival of two ships and three more reportedly on the way, la Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México began the placement of containment barriers off the coasts being most affected by the sea weed. center_img The logistics ship is outfitted with a helicopter that provides flyovers to identify the areas with a presence of sargasso. The use of the aircraft helps with cleaning efforts since it provides personnel with a guide. Photo: La Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México Naval personnel along with environmental specialists will be in charge of land and air collection, while navy members will also manually help to clean sargasso that accumulates along the beaches. last_img read more

ACV adds new Area Sales Managers to Ontario Western Sales teams

first_img MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations has added three new Area Sales Managers to its team, effective immediately.Juan Contreras Aragon, who most recently worked as a flight attendant for Air Canada Rouge, will cover the regions from Toronto East to Kingston. He can be reached at the regions from Southwestern Ontario to Windsor will be Aaron Crawford, who previously served as Sales Consultant & Destination Expert for Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises as well as Guest Service Ambassador for WestJet. He can be reached at, Crystal Cornthwaite, who recently served as Business Development Manager for Tucan Travel, will cover the regions of West and Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Northern B.C., Richmond, Ladner, North Shore and the Yukon. She can be reached at and Aragon join ACV’s Ontario Sales team, which consists of Krista Cardona representing North Toronto, Central & Northern Ontario, and Dianna Pedroso representing the regions from Toronto West to Niagara. The Ontario Sales team is led by Monique Lalonde.More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJCornthwaite joins ACV’s Western Canada Sales team, which consists of Lindsay Sande representing Southern Alberta and Grande Prairie, and Martha De la Torre representing East Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, Delta, Fraser Valley, Tri-Cities, and Okanagan. The Western Sales team is led by Marigold Frontuna. Travelweek Group Posted by Thursday, April 19, 2018 ACV adds new Area Sales Managers to Ontario & Western Sales teamscenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Air Canada Vacations Sharelast_img read more

Good week allaround for Costa Rica fishing

first_imgNo related posts. Good fishing all around this week, which pleased both operators and anglers.There was a fantastic bite still going on in Guanacaste, espescially off the Catalinas, where sailfish and marlin are keeping anglers busy, while a little further north – just outside Santa Rosa park – wahoo are being taken in big numbers. Inshore anglers are taking amberjack on both bait and jigs. Roosterfish as well as a few grouper have been reported.The fish returned to the Los Sueños area, with some boats raising four to eight sails a day. Fishing had been a little slow lately, so this is good news. An occasional marlin is also popping up in the spread. One charter company in Quepos reported the recent appearance of a few sails and some tuna.The marlin finally made the annual show in the Southern zone. Most of the fish are coming near floating logs. Tuna are also still present, and anglers are finding them almost daily. Jerry Sabino and Ron Wilson hit it just right, landing seven marlin in three days offshore. On their top day, they had 10 in the spread. Another day they caught and released 20 yellow fin tuna in the 30- to 60-pound range.The ocean finally flattened out on the Caribbean side, and boats working outside are hooking tarpon. Inside, the snook bite is really strong a result of better patrolling against netters.    Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Actions to supercharge tourism success in New Zealand

first_imgActions to supercharge tourism success in New ZealandPriority actions for the incoming Government to supercharge the tourism industry’s success have been unveiled today by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.Tourism for Tomorrow, the 2017 Tourism Election Manifesto, was released at TRENZ 2017, the industry’s most important international trade show being held in Auckland.TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts says the 29 priority actions for the incoming Government have been grouped under three themes:A sustainable industry, for New Zealand’s tomorrowInvest in infrastructure, for New Zealand’s tomorrowSupport tourism, for New Zealand’s tomorrow.“These themes are closely interlinked, and build on the work that TIA and the current Government have undertaken to grow the value of our tourism industry,” Mr Roberts says.“We will look to make further progress with whoever is in charge of the Treasury benches post the election.“Our Tourism 2025 goal is to build an industry that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. We can do this with political and policy recognition, backed by a supportive environment for infrastructure investment.”Tourism for Tomorrow includes valuable new insight into the value tourism contributes to each electorate. TIA worked with business intelligence provider Marketview to calculate how much international and domestic visitors spent in each electorate in 2016.“The figures, drawn from electronic card spend, offer fascinating insights into how widely the tourism dollar is distributed around the entire country. While we recognise that the current tourism boom is placing pressure on some places, this insight clearly demonstrates the value our visitors bring,” Mr Roberts says.TIA will use the Manifesto to promote the value of tourism to MPs, election candidates and the voting public in the run-up to the 23 September election. Tourism operators will be encouraged to discuss the Manifesto priorities with their local candidates.The 29 actions TIA is seeking from the incoming Government are:Support the tourism sustainability goal through positive policy and regulatory settings, and funding.Continue support for the post-earthquake recovery of both Kaikoura and Christchurch as key regions for the industry’s economic sustainability.Demonstrate a serious commitment to protecting the environment, recognising its importance to tourism.Commit to enhancing our fresh water resources and make measurable progress on Predator Free New Zealand.Work with the tourism industry to establish a sustainable funding model to address medium and longer term local and mixed use infrastructure needs.Make a commitment to removing barriers to infrastructure investment.Provide for a sustainable funding model to ensure DOC remains a significant contributor and enabler of the visitor experience without compromising its core role of growing conservation.Recognise that tourism concessionaires provide income to DOC as well as enhancing visitors’ enjoyment of the public conservation estate. Reduce barriers to private sector investment in new attractions and activities on the public conservation estate, and promote opportunities for concessionaires. Concession costs and cost review systems need to be transparent and predictable.Create policy and regulatory settings that are supportive of sustainable tourism growth and give tourism greater visibility as a leading and innovative sector.Recognise the continually evolving nature of tourism and provide policy settings that create a level playing field for all industry participants.Continue and support the Public Service CEOs’ Tourism Group.Examine the regulatory environment applied to businesses serving visitors and assess where the compliance burden can be reduced to support increased productivity. Any regulatory change should lead to improved business outcomes and better government services.Ensure the Tourism portfolio continues to be held by a senior front bench Minister, to reflect the industry’s importance to growing New Zealand’s economy.Recognise tourism’s importance to the overall trade and export growth agenda.Support and work with the industry as it keeps updating its Growth Framework in order to address the most pressing industry issues.Encourage and incentivise tourism through regional development plans, and support destination management and development.Invest more of the tourism dividend received by the Government back into infrastructure to support tourism’s future growth.Maintain support for Tourism New Zealand’s marketing efforts and use TNZ to encourage regional dispersal and seasonality, and support new product development.Give more resourcing to tourism policy capabilities within government.Align government tourism data and insight with the industry’s Tourism 2025 aspirations, insight strategy and plans.Recognise tourism within government research and innovation initiatives such as the Science and Innovation programme.Continue enabling international air services, especially those which encourage growth from high quality segments and emerging markets.Continue liberalising visitor visa processes to support growth from key visitor markets. Advance consideration of initiatives to establish common border facilitation with Australia.Support Customs, the Ministry for Primary Industries and Immigration NZ to work in genuine partnership with the tourism industry on continuous improvement to the border experience.Continue support for visitor safety initiatives, including the visiting driver project, and adventure and outdoor tourism safety.Commit to enabling a roading network that delivers a safe and enjoyable driving experience and promotes regional dispersal.Continue support for the industry’s freedom camping actions.Commit to working in partnership with us to attract New Zealanders to work in tourism.Ensure immigration settings allow employers to secure quality staff when no New Zealanders are unavailable. Tourism Industry Association NZSource = Tourism Industry Associationlast_img read more

UWM Promotes Mortgage Tech Vet to Chief Digital Officer

first_img Share UWM Promotes Mortgage Tech Vet to Chief Digital Officer United Wholesale Mortgage’s Justin Glass is moving up in the company’s ranks: The Michigan-based lender promoted the veteran employee to the newly created role of chief digital officer (CDO).Having been with UWM for eight years, Glass most recently served as SVP of business development. In his new role, he’ll be responsible for the company’s digital innovation and core digital platforms, including Web, mobile, customer relationship management, loan transaction systems, and future advances.Glass is well acquainted with the digital space, having achieved recognition for his work as one the industry’s top online originators. He also sits on the PROGRESS in Lending Association’s Leader Advisory Board, which is made up of a group of leading business- and technology-savvy lenders.The creation of a new digital-focused executive position is the latest in UWM’s push to act as a trendsetter in the mortgage industry. The company recently launched its own mobile app, UMobile, which allows users to lock loans on the go, and also plans to introduce its new EASE transactional system in the coming weeks.”There’s no question that technology will continue to have a seismic impact on the way we conduct business and the future of the industry,” said Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of UWM. “At UWM, we have recognized this and have made it a priority to establish ourselves on the leading edge of innovation and are now taking this a step further. Justin Glass will lead the way as we accelerate our digital and technology investments.” in Headlines, News, Technologycenter_img December 5, 2014 498 Views Movers & Shakers United Wholesale Mortgage 2014-12-05 Tory Barringerlast_img read more