Four advice for young entrepreneurs

we all know that Gu is the vice president of light speed Vc firms, he is now regarded as a successful investor. So, take a look at some of the country’s advice to young entrepreneurs!

a, entrepreneurial motivation: why do you have a business? What a night may let you can’t sleep or wake up in the morning at the thought of this matter, the direction you are very excited, one thing a day full of passion.

b, the entrepreneurs in the end what to do? Why are you doing? You’d better choose relatively familiar areas to start, only you know you are familiar with the field inside what pain points and profound opportunity, but also some of what kind of challenges. read more

Suzhou Jinlong was recovered 500 million yuan subsidy also fined 260 million

Golden Dragon in the life of fame is very big, but recently Jinlong not how good? This is not a thing, but also a big event. New energy vehicles to cover up the aftermath of the accident did not disappear, lie in the storm to storm the center of Suzhou Jinlong not only to be recovered more than 500 million yuan of subsidies, but also fined nearly $260 million. Suzhou Jinlong parent company Xiamen Jinlong automobile (600686, shares) so battered, the stock price from the "cheat fill" list before the announcement of 13.66 yuan / share (September 7th) to October 13th closing only 11.86 yuan / share, the total market value of the evaporation of about 1 billion 100 million yuan. read more

How to avoid the vicious competition in the beauty industry

want to in the market on the market is very competitive, especially among the same industry, the competition between the various industries how to better avoid it, today Xiaobian accompany together to see the competition status of the beauty industry.

in the cosmetics store today’s business, in fact there are malicious competition, so how do we know how to deal with this problem? Malicious competition, the main manifestation is slander opponents, raise their opponent down in at the same time, said their cosmetic effect is good, and that rival the use of commodities not effective, or simply as a fake, defective, even making rumors, said a customer with a cosmetics store. What are the adverse reaction. read more

What is the most high the most profitable

everyone is constantly looking for new business opportunities, and constantly looking for the most high, the most profitable industry, but the year is about to pass, but what is the most profitable this year?

now what money? Open a small jewelry store


has car owners want their car from the inside to the outside are highlighting the car owner’s personality, however, has been in the car when the car is on the set, leaving only the interior soft decoration. These parts in textile more, mainly car ground pad, door trim panel, roof soft bottom, seat and so on. If you open a car inside the soft decoration of small car jewelry store, must be able to be favored by those who have a car. read more

Secret courier station profit source

it is understood that a small courier station, earnings can exceed one million, it may sound like some incredible, but it is true. In order to understand the courier station to earn millions of years of mystery, let us look at the source of the courier station has what.

A, the main business, also known as the sending and receiving mail, to collect the weight of 1 kg express as an example, the cost of 5 yuan (2 yuan list and delivery costs 1 yuan, 1 yuan and other shipping costs 1 yuan), the general charge customers 10 yuan, courier station can earn 5 yuan. At the same time, the heavier the weight of the courier, but also need to collect fees, the standard is 6 – 8 yuan / kg, while the courier station to pay the cost of only $1 / kg. In addition, the courier station every delivery of an express, franchisees will pay 1 yuan commission. read more

How to deal with the cosmetics store inventory

open cosmetics shop, no matter how good the business, it is impossible not inventory, inventory if too large, it is easy to cause the flow of funds is not smooth. If you do not manage the cosmetics store, inventory will enhance the operating costs of the store, especially cosmetics products often appear in a large number of slow-moving products, then how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory? Let’s take a look.

Methods commonly used are:

1, how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory do buy, the backlog of products, change for the welfare. China is a country that pays more attention to human nature. With the establishment and perfection of the trade union organizations of various units, the awareness of labor insurance benefits is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, through the development of enterprises and institutions, so that the backlog of products become welfare goods, direct access to consumer channels, is one of the most convenient way to deal with digestion. read more

Water purifier market prospects

now the public entrepreneurial boom unabated, not as good as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a shop, has become the trend of the times. And when it comes to the current most investment projects in the water purifier industry, in the face of the current market environment, water purifier can join the opportunity to say. Water purifier industry has recently been blowout type development, in 2016 to join the water purifier industry is a good choice.

water purifier to join has great prospects: hot water purifier industry is an inevitable trend to adapt to the market development, the demand from the market perspective, household water purifier is closely connected with people’s life, from daily drinking water to cook, cook soup from the boiling water, if the long-term use of clean water, because the light is water impurities such as calcium and magnesium ions in gallstone disease, due to heavy metals, antibiotics, bacteria cause cancer, with increasing attention paid to the front of the Disease enters by the mouth., health "concept of consumers, high precision for household water purifiers clean water effect has been widely recognized. read more

How to promote the Silk Road Economic Cooperation in Luoyang

in the process of economic development, it is necessary to seize every opportunity for the development of the continuous development of their own, and enhance their strength, in order to create considerable revenue! So, how to promote the Silk Road Economic Cooperation in Luoyang? To promote their own economic development? The following specific understanding.

Luoyang Municipal Committee, mayor Bao Changyong said in his speech, Luoyang seize the "The Belt and Road" significant opportunities, and constantly improve the pattern of all-round opening up, actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, strengthen exchanges and cooperation along national and inter city, and achieved positive results in the opening-up and win-win cooperation. One is the activation history two is more effective, economic and trade cooperation more closely, more in-depth cultural exchange is three. read more

Wuhu second tier cities to join the beauty is more conducive to success

in the minds of many entrepreneurs in Shanghai like Beijing first-tier cities have their own career is a lifelong dream, in fact first-tier cities to develop the great pressure of competition, is not an easy thing, according to statistics, to choose the beauty franchise business crowd and say, want to create business opportunities in this industry, so in the venture investment in the project, Wuhu second city such development is conducive to the industry and business success. Do not believe we look at the following introduction!

read more

Shop management skills inventory or cold Lucai

or cold food stores should know how to operate? We can observe some of the shops on the market, you will find that the operating characteristics of the industry is also relatively bright. If you want to master more skills can be seen with the small series, and I hope to help you invest.

1, food or cold food stores, specialty food generally open in the farmers market, even in the streets in the residential area, which is not only convenient for community residents’ daily life, but also to have more stable customer groups. read more

26 money saving strategies for entrepreneurs

a lot of entrepreneurial friends are limited budget, so in the limited financial budget, how to achieve a reasonable allocation, save money? For entrepreneurs to invest in this issue, small series for the majority of entrepreneurs to recruit a recruit! The print cartridge

1. save office expenses to buy reusable. Looking for a locally available printer cartridge supplier from a search engine or yellow pages.

2. using the free form: no need to go local office store to buy a table or on your own time, you can find a lot of free form on the Internet, you can download and customize, and then print. read more

Hand painted shoes out of the beautiful life

sometimes walking in the street will encounter hand-painted shoes, business has been very good, a lot of customers, more fun to see. Li Rongzhu is also a hand-painted shoes business, just a few hours, a pair of ordinary white canvas shoes into a full of fashion and personality arts under Li Rongzhu’s pen, the value soared from 200 dollars to tens of dollars.

28 year old Li Rongzhu graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, interior design. After graduating in 2009, she worked as an interior designer and a bookstore salesman. In order to take care of the poor health of the mother, she quit as early as eight nights of work, start their own business. read more

Eat their Japanese cuisine to join the six major advantages

in recent years, China’s international status is rising, so the rapid development of the world economy, culture, light from the food and beverage industry will be able to clearly see. Japan and South Korea restaurant has occupied a large part of China’s food and beverage market share, Xiao Bian today is to recommend a relatively good Japanese cuisine – eat their home

eat the home was founded in 1982 in Japan and Yokohama, is to beef with rice as the main commodity fast-food chain, in Japan’s domestic and overseas expansion in Zhiyingdian way. At the end of 2011, the number of stores reached 1710 by the end of 10. Home eat the beef with rice is Japan’s popular products, in the same industry accounts for about 45% of the market, is the industry’s first fully deserve. Food products are rich in their families, from the family to the individual radiation layer wide, widely loved by people. read more

Small bubbles Hot pot franchise business good to no friends

hot pot to join the project, in our lives, has been a very hot item. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the small bubble Hot pot project, successful entrepreneurs trust. Join bubble small chaffy dish project, what are you still hesitating?

bubble small Hot pot Beijing outlets, Beijing Fengtai District Xia Jia Hu Tongrui Yi square in 2011.6.10 grand opening, desktop Chairman Mr. Xiong Xuhua to visit the site Hot pot small bubbles, small bubbles desktop Hot pot to spread its fashion, convenient and healthy way to quickly open, small bubbles of Hot pot set off a new revolution. read more

10 people who make money for business

on the road of entrepreneurship, not everyone can be successful, some people can quickly harvest success, some people through long-term efforts also harvest success, while some people simply can not succeed. So, who is suitable for business? Might as well come to see you fit?

1,   not the status quo, the continuous efforts of the people.

"three meals a day full, the wife and kids hot Kang" people feel that holding a lifetime "a secure job", never an opportunity to make money, enough on the line, why should so much money, "this sentence is not even those who do not earn money people encouraging" famous". read more